8 Tips for Women to Survive a Blind Date

Do you consider going on a blind date? Erfolg.dating Blind dates can be exciting and if you are lucky and it turns out right, you could end up with a new boyfriend or at least a new friend. But if not given a much thought, it could turn bad and end up in tragedy. Here are some tips to help you survive a blind date and make sure you’ll leave there with a happy experience.

Safety first. Make sure that you’ll literally survive a blind date by putting high priority to your safety. Remember that you’ll be meeting someone you’ve never met or spoken to before, so be extremely cautious. Maybe a common friend or a trusted third-party set you up for a blind date and this could lessen the worry but still do not let your guard off. Make sure to let your family or best friend know of your whereabouts and who you are meeting. It is best to meet in public places like galleries, museums, amusement parks or coffee shops.

Be well prepared and presentable. Remember that first impression lasts and this is your only chance to give that lasting good impression so come well prepared. Of course, you should know that being well prepared is different from overdoing it. Do not overdressed or underdressed, dress smart and appropriately. Wear something you are comfortable with but appropriate for the occasion. Put attention to your hair, nails and shoes. Appear neat, clean and smell good. Of course, be yourself because trying to impress him by being someone you are not is not impressive at all and could backfire on you. Always come prepared to make sure you’ll survive a blind date.

Choose or suggest a place where you both can do something. The venue of your date is an important factor to consider if you want to survive a blind date. Places where you can do something like watching animals in a zoo, enjoy rides in amusement parks, enjoy arts in a gallery or art museum or a stroll or walk on the park can be fun. A dinner or a movie date for a blind date can be awkward. In a dinner date, you’ll end up sitting in front of each other doing nothing but staring with each other if you both find it hard to think of a subject to talk about. It could end up like an interview or a question and answer situation. With a movie date, it can be hard to guess what your date will enjoy since you still do not know each other. You’ll learn more about the person you’ll be meeting when you are doing things together than merely sitting at one place.

Be realistic and avoid expecting too much or too little. It is impossible not to have expectations, after all you are only human and you can’t help but wonder or hope that this guy could be the Mr. Right you’ve been waiting for. But be easy with your expectations and avoid having high expectations to avoid frustrations. While it is not good to set high expectations, having low expectations on the other hand could be dangerous as you might appear on your blind date with lack of interest and unprepared. What if an irresistible guy appeared right in front of you and you are not presentable? It is best to be realistic and flexible with your expectations to survive a blind date, look your best and come well prepared for whoever you’ll meet on your blind date.

Go Dutch. It is best to be clear and upfront who will pay for the date before going to your blind date. It is your first time to meet each other so it is fair not to expect him to pay for everything. Make it known to him that you prefer to go dutch. The good thing about this is that whatever happens, you will not feel indebted to him or burdened that you owe him something. Suggest or choose a place that you both can afford, besides you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you can’t afford to pay for your share.

Don’t go totally blind. Yes, this is a blind date but you don’t have to go to your date totally blind or clueless. Of course you know who your matchmaker right? Try to get as much information about your date from your matchmaker to have a slight idea about the person you’ll be meeting for the first time. By doing so, you can save yourself from unnecessary anxiety, you’ll know how to prepare yourself and you can relax a little bit.

Learn to converse effectively. Conversation is the major part of this blind date and to survive a blind date, you have to know how to converse effectively. Although you want to talk about yourself, be cautious not to talk too much about yourself and let your date speak and say something about himself too. Learn when to stop talking and listen. Being a good listener is the secret to a great conversation. You can communicate better when you listen more.

Do not walk away or stood him up. It is not a good thing to never show up just because you happen to saw him first outside the venue and his looks is not much to your liking. Even if he is not your type, meet him because you already agreed to have a blind date with him. It is also not a good thing to walk away in the middle of the date if there is no chemistry between the two of you. If there is really no sparks, do not be rude and still show your good side. Try to end the date early in a friendly manner. You can proudly say that you survived a blind date if you were nice and friendly despite the lack of sparks or chemistry and you both went on to your separate ways without feeling ill towards each other.

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