How to Pick the Right Product to Promote at ClickBank

Affiliate Marketing can be a huge challenge for anyone getting onto the bandwagon for the first time. There are numerous affiliate networks and each of these networks have thousands of Buy dot online cheap. Picking the right product that converts becomes a daunting task in such a situation.

This article deals with one of the biggest affiliate networks – ClickBank. ClickBank has a marketplace with more than 10,000 products and each of these products offer a handsome commission to promote it. ClickBank takes care of most of the problems involved in promoting a product and all that an affiliate needs to do is pick a product and start promoting it. But which product to pick in order to be successful requires some serious research and understanding of the ClickBank system.

Do not set out to evaluate and research all the products at ClickBank. That will take a lifetime. Your objective is not to spend a lifetime evaluating products but to pick the best product in the shortest possible time and start promoting it. So you need to develop a funnel that will help you filter your products in such a way that you have a handful of good products that you can start promoting.

Start with picking the category of products that you wish to promote. This will depend upon your selected niche and your business plan. ClickBank arranges all products neatly into categories and sub-categories. So if you wish to sell something from the “Food and Drink” category, you can just select something from this category. If you further want to narrow your focus, you can drill down into a “baking” or, “Beverages” sub-category. This way you get to be extremely specific about what you want to sell.

This starting point will help you in a big way and will determine how successful you are because of two reasons. Firstly you are already prepared to sell to a particular niche market. You will know the kind of customers in that particular niche. You will know their tastes and choices and you are selling something to a group of people who do not mind coming to you for solutions pertaining to this specific niche. Secondly, since it is a niche you are really interested in, you might be able to show your mastery which is a good way of getting credibility. This in turn will mean that you will be able to sell very easily to this niche. You will be able to smoothly merge your sales pitch into your interactions with your customers and generate a lot of sales.

If you are not too sure about a category and want to pick products based on Keywords, you can also do that. ClickBank offers a very user friendly search which can help you pick your favorite products.

Once you have selected a category and picked a few products, it is time to evaluate them. ClickBank provides with a variety of performance metrics and understanding these is the key to success.

The first thing to look at the popularity of a product. You can easily arrange products based on popularity. This will give you a fair idea as to which of these are selling well for most of the affiliates at ClickBank. You can pick the ones that are the best in popularity, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that the greater the popularity, the higher the competition. The sales pitch for such products might appear saturated and you will face stiff competition from people who are already successful promoting this product. The best way to overcome it, is to do a little bit of research to find products that are increasing in popularity but are yet to peak. These are the products that are money makers and your knack to identify them is what will determine your success.

Gravity is the second metric that you should look at. Try to pick products that have a gravity of 50 or, more. I prefer products that have a gravity in the range of 50-120. This means not too much of competition and at the same time a popular product.

The rate of commission is another important aspect that you should consider. I would not want to promote a product that doesn’t give me enough margins. Pick products that offer a commission of at least 40%. This means that the merchants are willing to partner with you and give you a share of their success. You should also take a note of the initial $ / sale. You will not want to promote a product that offers a 40% commission but the initial $/sale is about 5-8 dollars. The rule here is that the product should have an initial $/sale of at least $18.00.

Other metrics like referral rate, the rate of return etc. should also be kept in mind to ensure that the product that you pick is overall the best product. You will need some experience to do it without an effort but the initial efforts are worth it, because once you have learnt the tricks, making money online from ClickBank will not be difficult at all.

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