Miami Lakes Real Estate – An Excellent Investment

Miami Lakes is a fairly large town of around 23,000 people in top Florida architects-Dade County, Florida. This town is a CDP or a census designated place. A census designated place has no separate municipal government but is recognized as a physically separate area. It is located at 25°54′42″N, 80°19′30″W, and the total area of the town is about 17 km sq. The average household income is over $63,000 per year. The percentage of residents with bachelor’s degree or higher is well above Florida’s average. The average price of a single family home in Miami Lakes is about $400,000. The town is essentially a tribute to famous Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula. This is evident in The Don Shula’s hotel and golf, athletic club and restaurant.

Though the history of this place dates back to as recently as December 2000, the town of Miami Lakes is now a thriving part of Florida. The work on this town first began forty years ago with the decision of Graham Companies to treat this place as a planned community. The Grahams still own a large part of the town in the form of office buildings, apartments, shopping centers and undeveloped land. Initially the place was an agricultural community which started flourishing much later and finally came to be the busy business town it is now. The area is presently booming with parks, churches, schools and busy shopping facilities that allow you to live a great life here. A great place to visit in Miami Lakes is Main Street and all its beautiful upscale shops and restaurants.

The real estate market in Miami Lakes is blossoming since it is a favorite getaway place for businesses and families from all over the United States. Real estate here predominantly comprises of single family homes, condominiums, townhouses. The layout of the town is largely based on the new Urbanism Movement and ensures that residents and tourists do not have to strive too much to reach any given place. Going around the town is not an issue and every point is within walkable distance. This is why the real estate condition is good here. There are many first time buyers and tourists all across who want to possess a property here because of the several investment opportunities found in the town of Miami Lakes.

The price range of single family homes starts as low as $325,000 and goes up to about $2,000,000 with 157 homes in the Miami Lakes Real Estate market. There are currently 167 Condos and Townhouses for sale in Miami Lakes from $195,000 to the mid $400,000. Presently many more foreclosure properties are available so that people get the chance of buying them at a low price and later selling them off at a profit. The place is well connected to the Miami International Airport which makes it all the more interesting to many tourists and businesses. Real Estate prices have more than doubled in the past years are now stabling off in a recent buyer’s market. Miami Lakes real estate is now considered an excellent investment.

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