Scams – How Can I Tell Which Jobs Are For Real?

The internet and newspapers are filled with Report Scam and get your money back. In fact, sometimes it is hard for me to even market – because many people see “Work at Home” and they instantly think that I am trying to sell them a “scam job”. This article will outline how to tell which jobs are scams before you invest your time and heart into any venture.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Lets face it, who makes this much money in one week other than doctors and lawyers? If it sounds too good to be true, than it IS! Another thing that you might take notice of with the above job listing is “SASE to PO Box 1455”. The reason the job poster wants you to send an envelope is because he is going to probably send to you more information about the job, mainly an order form so you can buy the supplies to begin working. NEVER send money to anyone offering you a job. Another rule of thumb is to never apply for a job that you have to send a self-addressed envelope without mention of having to send your resume too.

1. Envelope Stuffing – The envelope stuffing scam has been around for as long as I can remember. The way this job works is that the job seeker will see an ad in the newspaper for something like this: “Make 100s of Dollars Stuffing Envelopes from Your Home”. This person will send a self-addressed envelope with $5 – $30 to the individual who posted the job. In return the job poster will send to the job seeker information on how he/she can also post these ads and make money. It is all a big scam, there wasn’t ever any “actual” envelope stuffing position open. The individual who started this envelope stuffing scam in the first place gets about 95% of whatever profits are made from this “ad posting”. This “scammer” might even refuse to pay you any money at all because you didn’t adhere to strict guidelines (even if you did).

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