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What is speed reading? Is it just fast reading and nothing online astrology readings? Of course it is the skill to read volume of words as you can per minute and be able to understand it. So it’s not just the heck of reading the words at all,

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 it’s a matter of fast reading and comprehending what you read. It is not inherent but it can be developed. Here is some self-help to speed reading for people who wants to develop the skill.

Studies has shown that the normal person’s average reading comprehension rate is about 75%. When they tried speed reading, it reduces its reading comprehension to 50% or even less to some. This definitely beats the very purpose of reading, because comprehension and learning is compromised. So what then are the basics for effective speed reading?

Below is a handy self-help to speed reading. Check this out and try it out, if you want to develop the skill of it.

Scan the material first

It is best to scan the material before you start reading it so that you will have an idea of the topic at hand. Best way to scan it is to read first the title, take in the paragraph heading and the overall length of the material. Comprehending what you read is very important. When you are done scanning you can proceed to the next step which is to decide how to tackle reading the material. Most prefer to spend a longer time on certain key paragraphs.

Focus on Keywords

Focusing on keywords is very helpful since you don’t have to read every word to get the idea. You can actually concentrate on the keywords and skip reading other words not so important like “the”, “an” and many more.

Re-reading words doesn’t apply in speed reading. It might be a common practice to everyone but it’s not advisable to re-read words when you are speed reading. The skill of skimming text might be hard to develop but it is not impossible either, it can be achieved with plenty of practice but when you have mastered the skill then you can achieve reading speeds up to 700 words per minute. Almost three times much faster than the normal reading speed of around 200 – 250 words per minute.

Practice is indeed important if you want to develop the skill of it. Get over this self-help to speed reading everyday and in no time you will be able to achieve your goal. Many people spend a lot of money on reading courses when you can achieve it yourself by following strictly the guidelines and tips for effective reading. The secret to it is practice every day and discipline. You have to have the persistence and the discipline to do it every day till you achieve the desired result that you want.

For others self-help to speed reading is just enough for them to develop their skills. For others who think they can’t do it on their own can always enroll on courses for speed reading. It is definitely an edge if you have that skill these days especially if you are involved in works where you have to comprehend and master volumes of information quickly. So if you have not developed that skill yet then better start now, besides it’s never too late to learn.

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