The Best 13 Superfoods For Your Smoothie

The word superfood doesn’t do this Amazonian fruit justice. Camu camu is the highest source of vitamin C on the planet. One teaspoon of freeze dried powder is 12 times your daily needs. That means an immune system so strong that it slows ageing and even prevents oxidative stress that leads to Elf bar near me. It’s even great for mental clarity and elevates mood.

It’s the second most important ingredient in our Forever Young product. As the vitamin C density helps the marine collagen be absorbed by the body. Creating youthful skin.

The subtle citrus flavour of camu camu blends in quietly to any smoothie, allowing other ingredients to shine. You only need one teaspoon per smoothie.

Add this if: You’re run down and feel a cold coming on.

One of several ancient algaes that we recommend. Chlorella, as the name suggests, is a rich source of chlorophyll. One serving of this single cell algae is twice your daily B-12 needs, and is a rich source of iron.

Add this if: You’re vegan or undertaking a detox.

Another microscopic algae. The B-12 and iron properties are similar to chlorella, with some solid copper and B vitamin scores thrown in.

Spirulina companies love to propagate that roughly 60% of it’s weight is protein. Which is great. However, you consume this in teaspoon size portions so using it in your plant-based protein argument against Crossfit Chris is not a good tactic. He will verbally bench press you. One spirulina serving is 2-3 grams of protein.

Despite the protein mismarketing, the detoxifying properties are infamous.

Add this if: You are lacking vegetables and need a cheeky shortcut to micronutrients.

Blue Green Algae AFA
The most well known AFA is the most well grown. E3Live AFA is the brand name. There are several farms on Klamath Lake in Oregon farming the most nutritious blue green algae on the planet. But E3Live does a great job of distinguishing themselves, suggesting that their organic practices, and algae quality, are second to none.

AFA stands for Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae. It’s a brother to spirulina and chlorella. Though arguably more nutritious (certainly more expensive). It has twice the chlorophyll as spirulina and contains over 40 minerals. AFA stimulates stem cell growth, increases brain activity and an Italian study showed that it has cancer preventing properties.

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